Shell Removal Operator - Deer Creek

United States of America
Deer Creek (DCA)
Full Time
February 1 2021



With more than 150 operations and about 22,000 employees worldwide, Precision Castparts Corp. is the market leader in manufacturing large, complex structural investment castings, airfoil castings, forged components, aerostructures and highly engineered, critical fasteners for aerospace applications. In addition, we are the leading producer of airfoil castings for the industrial gas turbine market. We also manufacture extruded seamless pipe, fittings, forgings, and clad products for power generation and oil & gas applications; commercial and military airframe aerostructures; and metal alloys and other materials for the casting and forging industries. With such critical applications, we insist on quality and dependability – not just in the materials and products we make, but in the people we recruit.

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, this over 10 billion dollar company employs more than 29,500 people worldwide.  PCC has over 160 plants and has a presence in twenty-six states in the US and in over a dozen countries. PCC is relentless in its dedication to being a high-quality, low-cost and on-time producer; delivering the highest value to its customers and shareholders while continually pursuing strategic, profitable growth.

Effective early February 2016, Berkshire Hathaway, led by chairman and CEO Warren E. Buffett, acquired Precision Castparts Corp.

PCC Airfoils LLC has achieved its preeminent position in the manufacture of aircraft engine blades and vanes and is rapidly gaining market share in the Industrial Gas Turbines industry through pushing the boundaries of Advanced Technology. PCC Airfoils LLC is one of only a few companies in the world that possesses the technology and capability to cast blades and vanes with complex, internal cooling passages out of sophisticated superalloys for aerospace and Industrial Gas Turbine customers. PCC Airfoils LLC has the advantage of being the leader in the production of airfoils for aircraft engines and of capturing a growing share of the market for Industrial Gas Turbine castings. Several new state-of-the-art casting furnaces were recently installed in PCC Airfoils’ facilities along with new ceramic dip lines to handle the increased volume. The dip lines feature the most advanced technology available to ensure process repeatability, improving yields and facilitating on-time product delivery.
Based in Milwaukie, Oregon, Deer Creek facility principally manufactures Equiax Vane and Nozzle segments for the Industrial Gas Turbine (IGT) industry used in land-based turbine applications for power generation operations. Deer Creek has a wide range of manufacturing capabilities producing products ranging from 16 lbs to 250 lbs.

This position requires Operators to be willing and able to rotate through all of the shell removal/cleaning processes as dictated by product flow and customer throughput requirements. Since the timing and duration of the processes for shell removal/cleaning varies from day-to-day and shift-to-shift, rotation through all of the processes results in efficiencies in product flow, cost of operation and improves our ability to meet customer throughput requirements.


The position exists to remove shell material, core material, and scale from castings and their gating systems by means of a variety of related processes.


1.  General Job Processes:

A. Take responsibility for and demonstrate safe work practices;

B. Verify lot and part identification including piece count;

C. Move and deliver parts to other cleaning operations; and

D. Train other operators in job accountabilities.


2.  Knockout Process:


A. Knock off shell material with pneumatic, mounted and/or hand-held hammers;

B. Remove exothermic material, insulation, and wire from part; and

C. Use torch to remove tundishes and downsprus.


3.  Gritblast Process:


A. Load part onto fixture to ensure even removal of shell materials;

B. Set appropriate time to gritblast part;

C. Monitor machine operations; and

D. Remove wire and excess shot from part.



4.  Waterblast Process:


A. Place parts on table or manipulator in waterblast cabinet;

B. Clean parts with waterblast machine/equipment by using automated and/or manual controls (by hand and foot) to direct the water jet from outside the cabinet; and

C. Visually inspect parts for foreign materials.


5.  Shotblast Process:


A. Load castings into shotblast cabinet;

B. Operate shotblast machine from outside cabinet by foot control or from inside walk-in cabinets by hand control;

C. Shotblast parts in cabinet by directing handheld nozzles;

D. Visually inspect parts for cleanliness during and after shotblast operation and mark parts for defects; and

E. Operate rotoblast and/or tumbleblast machines.


6.  Leach Tank / Chemical Bath Process:


A. Prepare chemical baths to necessary specifications;

B. Take acid bath samples to lab and check lab results;

C. Calculate etch rate using standard formula and adjust alkaline baths if out of compliance;

D. Chemically clean and rinse parts and hand etch as needed;

E. Use alkaline baths, cold etch baths, and/or hot water washes to rinse parts;

F. Check and monitor temperatures of tanks and drying ovens;

G. Maintain chemical bath lines;

H. Wears protective gear when working with chemicals;

I. Clean tanks and remove sludge; and

J. Neutralize any hazardous materials.

1.   Ability to rotate through all the cleaning/shell removal


2.   Cleaning and blasting skills, working knowledge of blasting      machines, and knowledge of parts and gating systems


An equivalent combination of classroom training and work experience.

3.   Ability to work independently.

4.   Ability to follow instructions and read process sheets and routers.

5.   Ability to perform basic mathematical calculations (addition and subtraction).

6.   Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.

7.   Physical ability to perform the job functions.

8.   Ability to safely lift, carry and/or maneuver objects weighing thirty to fifty pounds.

9.   Ability to work in difficult working conditions which may

     include exposure to noise, dust, chemicals, temperature    

     extremes and other elements for extended periods of time.

10.  Ability to stand for duration of the entire scheduled work shift.

11.  Ability to wear PAPR, respirator, purified air helmet, protective coveralls, safety glasses, safety goggles, double hearing protection, and safety shoes with metatarsal protection.

  1. Basic Skills training.
  2. Training is provided on the job.
  3. PCC's Forklift Driving Safety Certification Training must be completed.
  4. May be required to complete hazardous waste management training.
  5. Basic Chemistry Course may be required.
  6. Visual Inspection Class may be required.
  7. Radiation Safety Training as required.
  8. Other training as required by Team and/or location.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or status as a protected veteran.