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With more than 120 operations and approximately 20,000 employees worldwide, Precision Castparts Corp. is the market leader in manufacturing large, complex structural investment castings, airfoil castings, forged components, aerostructures and highly engineered, critical fasteners for aerospace applications. In addition, we are the leading producer of airfoil castings for the industrial gas turbine market. We also manufacture extruded seamless pipe, fittings, and forgings for power generation and oil & gas applications; commercial and military airframe aerostructures; and metal alloys and other materials for the casting and forging industries. With such critical applications, we insist on quality and dependability – not just in the materials and products we make, but in the people we recruit.

PCC is relentless in its dedication to being a high-quality, low-cost and on-time producer; delivering the highest value to its customers while continually pursuing strategic, profitable growth.

In 2016, Berkshire Hathaway, led by Chairman and CEO Warren E. Buffett, acquired Precision Castparts Corp.


To facilitate, coordinate and document the progress of products or test bar materials from one department to another or within a product team; to facilitate product movement by splitting and reissuing part lots; to track and report on product status for delivery scheduling purposes; to assure implementation of routing changes throughout the plant.  Positions may be responsible for one or more of the following accountabilities; job postings normally identify specific activities.


1.    Parts Expediting.
Objective:  to assure the accurate and efficient movement of parts.
Typical Activities:
A.    Coordinates and documents the transportation of products from one department to another or within a product team.
B.    Determines daily status, meets with leads to determine needs and movement of parts to other areas, assures communication among production departments regarding product movement.
C.    Reports the status and schedule of products to Planning in order to assure that delivery schedules are met.
D.    Determines daily status of parts for outside processing.

2.    Test Bar Coordination.
Objective:  to track, document and move test bar materials through production and inspection operations to assure that test materials are available and that shipping dates are met.
Typical Activities:
A.    Checks casting schedules against test materials; verifies identification and quantities.
B.    Records progress of test materials throughout the production process; assures that test materials are prepared for each stage; assures processing in accordance with Tech Cards.
C.    Moves test materials between departments; authorizes and splits test materials when part lots are split.
D.    Assures proper storage and control of test bars awaiting shipment.
E.    Resolves problems regarding test materials; works with Quality, Engineering, Manufacturing and Shipping; works with Testing Lab regarding priorities and shipping dates.

3.  Split Lot Coordination
Objective:  to split lots as requested by production, to reissue split parts to new lots and combine lots for cost effective reworking, and to complete all necessary data input and record keeping.
Typical Activities:
A.    Transports and warehouses parts to be split from initial lot to crib area, maintains test bars accompanying split parts.
B.    Issues new lot numbers to parts taken from split crib inventory for new part lots.
C.    Inputs split lot transactions, reissue information, and new shipping dates into computerized inventory/dispatch system; reconciles errors and/or omissions in system.
D.    Coordinates activities with other personnel.
E.    Processes parts in scrap crib; deletes from master lot.4.    Planning Assistance.

Objective:  to assist planning and shipping in preparing schedules and production reports.
Typical Activities:
A.    Develops special schedules and estimates.
B.    Assists in setting shipping objectives.
C.    Assists in preparing daily shipping reports; distributes reports.
D.    Assists in determining earned standard hour requirements.
E.    Assists in capacity reviews.

5.    Routing.
Objective:  to coordinate all paperwork necessary to initiate routing changes throughout the plant.
Typical Activities:
A.    Assures completion of all necessary signatures prior to routing changes.
B    Implements all necessary paperwork for routing changes; inputs into computer system; coordinates with Engineering and Manufacturing.

6.    Safety.
Objective:  to take responsibility for and demonstrate safe work practices.
Typical Activities:
A.    Adheres to plant and department safety rules.
B.    Safely operates all equipment and tools.
C.    Identifies and reports safety problems.

7.    Performs other tasks as directed.

1.    Training is provided on the job.
2.    PCC's Fork Lift Driving Safety Training must be completed, as assigned.

1.    Knowledge of product movement as demonstrated by the competent performance of Dispatcher duties.
An equivalent combination of classroom training and work experience.
2.    Previous computer input desirable.
3.    Basic knowledge of computerized inventory systems desirable.
4.    Ability to follow instruction, read, write and perform arithmetic calculations.
5.    Ability to organize information and materials,  and attend to details.
6.    A valid driver’s license for positions that drive PCC vehicles.
7.    Ability to work independently.
8.    Ability to communicate effectively and coordinate activities with others.
9.    Ability to lift and/or maneuver objects weighing thirty to fifty pounds and occasionally up to seventy-five pounds.
10.    Ability to work in difficult working conditions which may include exposure to noise, dust, chemicals, temperature extremes and other elements for extended periods of time.

NOTE:    Test Materials Coordinator and Split Crib Coordinator were separate job descriptions; they were eliminated as distinct jobs and included in the generic Expeditor job description as a results of evaluation by the Hourly Job Evaluation Committee.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or status as a protected veteran.
This position requires use of information or access to production processes subject to national security controls under U.S. export control laws and regulations (including, but not limited to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and the Export Administration Regulations (EAR)). To be qualified to work in this facility, a successful applicant must be a U.S. Person, as defined in those regulations, and able to supply evidence of that qualification prior to starting work or be authorized to receive controlled information under a specific license or permission from the relevant government agency. The U.S. export control regulations define a U.S. person as a U.S. Citizen, U.S. National, U.S. Permanent Resident (i.e. 'Green Card Holder'), and certain categories of Asylees and Refugees.

This requisition is closed to applications.