Manufacturing Lead - Pipe Department

United States of America
Wyman Gordon
Full Time
October 1 2020


PCC Rollmet


With more than 150 operations and about 22,000 employees worldwide, Precision Castparts Corp. is the market leader in manufacturing large, complex structural investment castings, airfoil castings, forged components, aerostructures and highly engineered, critical fasteners for aerospace applications. In addition, we are the leading producer of airfoil castings for the industrial gas turbine market. We also manufacture extruded seamless pipe, fittings, forgings, and clad products for power generation and oil & gas applications; commercial and military airframe aerostructures; and metal alloys and other materials for the casting and forging industries. With such critical applications, we insist on quality and dependability – not just in the materials and products we make, but in the people we recruit.

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, this over 10 billion dollar company employs more than 29,500 people worldwide.  PCC has over 160 plants and has a presence in twenty-six states in the US and in over a dozen countries. PCC is relentless in its dedication to being a high-quality, low-cost and on-time producer; delivering the highest value to its customers and shareholders while continually pursuing strategic, profitable growth.

Effective early February 2016, Berkshire Hathaway, led by chairman and CEO Warren E. Buffett, acquired Precision Castparts Corp.

Wyman-Gordon is a worldwide supplier to the aerospace and industrial gas turbine markets. We hold quality accreditations for all of the major airframe and engine manufacturers for both civil and military applications. Wyman-Gordon creates rotating closed-die forgings which are critical for aerospace and land-based gas turbines. Wyman-Gordon also manufactures structural forgings for airframe, nuclear, petrochemical, power generation, and space applications. In addition, Wyman-Gordon has heat treating, testing, and other operations that support its global forging buiness.
PCC Rollmet is a leading manufacturer of cold worked and annealed pipe for the petrochemical, energy and defense industries. We provide precision thin wall seamless cylindrical shapes, pipes and tubes across a wide range of materials, including nickel alloy, stainless steel, aluminum, and ferritic alloy. PCC Rollmet has pioneered our unique Cold Roll Extrusion process to manufacture precision thin wall tubes under 0.75” thicknesses. Strengths of our cold roll extruded, solid-solution alloy pipes are greater than those of conventionally manufactured pipe and tube, due to the fine-grain size achieved through cold working and recrystallization.
The lead is expected to be a SME (Subject Matter Expert) in the Pipe department and assist lower leveled operators providing guidance and direction. This role will require basic mechanical aptitude, intermediate shop math, intermediate print reading, the use of common hand tools, intermediate inspection tools and processes, problem solving, and knowledge of material forming techniques.
  • Receives and transmits instructions and work specifications to workers. Teach subject matter to employees or train workers through explanation, demonstration, and directed on-the-job practice. Instruction or information should include most effective utilization of available time, skills, tooling and equipment.
  • Utilizes machine shop theory and practice as related to construction and operational characteristic of machines including methods for precision machining and equipment and tool usage, major equipment rebuild and repair, and have ability to train employees in these concepts and manual skills. Additionally, utilizes a complete knowledge of safety practices, conduct, cleanliness, good housekeeping and equipment care
  • Plans type and sequence of machining operations necessary to complete assignment with minimum machining where planning information is not provided. Sets up machines where it is necessary to improvise and adapt tooling.
  • Perform developmental machining work where on-going analysis and evaluation is necessary, and where extra careful attention and application of machine shop theory is required to hold machining requirements consistently with good output. Be responsible to perform precision machining work on expensive products or on materials where formal inspection may not be required.
  • Troubleshoots plans, layout, setup, machining operations, equipment function, and materials and tools usage to diagnose causes of machining defects, equipment malfunction or other trouble associated with recurring complex or interrelated machine shop job problems. Recommends and/or perform corrective measures including complete teardown of setup or machine, machinery repair or rebuild, including changing and adjusting bearings, materials or tools substitutions, complete new setup and functional machine check to prove out correct machine and machining operations.
  • Conducts courses or perform on-the-job training to plan and layout machining job and to setup and operate various machines within their full capacity and to train in developmental and precision machine work and troubleshooting defined above.
  • Select most suitable tools and equipment or machine attachments, or improvise or adapt standard tooling to hold nonstandard designed parts or parts requiring multiple setups, or where setup has been outlined by others. Able to setup all equipment in designed area and or actively engage in an interactive learning process to do so.
  • Takes corrective action to solve problems associated with all machine tools within a team including complex or interrelated machine shop job problems. Works with design engineer to clarify production or developmental machine work.
  • Recommend measures to improve production methods, equipment performance, and quality of product, and suggest changes in working conditions and use of equipment to increase efficiency of shop, department or work crew.
  • Attend daily communications meetings. Fill in for department supervisor when necessary.
  • Other duties as assigned

Leadership Responsibilities and Goals:

  • The working lead will have a team of employees and will be responsible for specific areas in your department. This lead will provide day-to-day leadership to maintain the standard for safety, quality and productivity. The lead will help solve issues as needed; continue to drive improvements in the shop; and actively work on improving the efficiency of set-ups and operations.
  • A working lead will set the example as an employee who follows all company policies. This includes but not limited to wearing appropriate PPE; phone activity; taking lunches and breaks on time; parking; communication; and time management.
  • There will be 5 different categories that the lead will be held accountable for, each with tangible goals and clear criteria for success:
  1. Safety: Safety is the number 1 priority in the shop. The first goal is having zero recordables. The number of “Near Misses” submitted from the department will be tracked. The lead will always facilitate a safe shop environment and hold their team accountable to following the safety guidelines.
  1. Quality: The lead will be accountable for the Scrap Total Value in dollars produced from your team. The goal is to reduce scrap 2% quarter over quarter. The lead will be accountable for the number of new NCR’s created and the respective age that they are open. The goal is to close every open NCR within 30 days.
  1. Productivity: The lead will have a personal productivity goal and will have a team average productivity goal. The lead will work with the department supervisor to ensure that the departments overall productivity goals are met.
  1. Cost: The lead will suggest any cost saving initiatives and work with the Area manager on Pipeline Cost Reduction ideas. The lead will work with the department supervisor to plan overtime as necessary.
  1. Human Resource Development: The lead will facilitate a teamwork-oriented environment and implement cross-training.


  • Under these 5 criteria, the lead will professionally set the example. The lead is expected to address any employee relations issue to the department supervisor.
  • The lead will be understand the shop schedule and give feedback as needed on the daily list. The lead will help the supervisor with any additional tasks assigned.
  • The lead will be involved with the safety meetings and will be a 6S area owner. This includes on-time attendance and strong engagement in the weekly safety and 6S meetings.
  • High school degree/GED required
  • 2-5 years of manufacturing and leadership experience
  • Ability to analyze production data and develop solutions
  • High visible energy, sense of urgency, and ownership
  • Effective communication skills to employees and upper management team
  • Ability to manage several tasks and priorities at a time
  • High leveled department specific skill set required (CNC/ Extrusion/ Welding, Etc.)
  • Exhibit leadership mannerism including professionalism, safety, punctuality, integrity, and ethical behaviors

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or status as a protected veteran.